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Alan Pue's Newest book

The primary calling and outcome of our work in advancing Christian education is to point children to Jesus, which encourages them to make a choice to develop a lifelong relationship with our Savior. Educators are in a wonderful position to come alongside parents and children’s ministry leaders in shepherding the heart of a child together - a cooperation that can help children flourish through intentional biblical discipleship and purpose.

Our longtime friend at ACSI, Dr. Alan Pue,

has partnered with us once again to challenge

our hearts and and minds with a new book titled “Rethinking Discipleship: Why Christian Schooling Matters”. This publication is making its debut this month and we are excited for all those working with children to read it.

We invite you to join our Purposeful Design Publications (PDP) team for an “ACSI Author Conversation with Dr. Alan Pue” on April 21 at 10 a.m. MST. You can register now and hear Alan’s passion to reach the next generation. You can also review the first chapter now as well as receive a notification once the print and digital book formats are available in our PDP store.

I had the privilege of writing the foreword for Rethinking Discipleship. I admire Alan’s wisdom and courage. Rethinking Discipleship is not for the faint at heart. This book answers one of the most important questions facing us: What does it take to flourish as a follower of Jesus Christ in the kind of world we live in today? It fearlessly enters the debate of Christian schooling by focusing on God’s Word and addresses the most important factor of Christianity today - the discipleship making process.

As you embark on the week ahead, stay mindful that the work you are doing is eternal. It’s discipleship making. What a mission we all have!

Continuing to run the race,

Larry Taylor, Ph.D. ACSI President ______________________________________ Association of Christian Schools International 731 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

PS: One important note: While this book was made possible by the efforts of several on the PDP team, I would be reluctant not to mention that our former PDP Vice President, Chris Marchand, worked diligently and passionately on this project since his primary calling was for children to know the deep, deep love of Jesus Christ. Chris met his personal Savior face to face on March 29, 2021. This book is a lasting legacy to Chris’ calling and the calling of us all.

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