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Rethinking Sustainability

A Strategic Financial Model for Christian Schools

When you first took the reins of a Christian school, did you discover that your graduated degree in school administration had not quite prepared you for the financial challenges of school leadership? Have you often operated in financial crises mode? If so, you re not alone: the very existence of many Christian schools is in jeopardy today because of financial issue. Drawing on his deep expertise and broad experience, Dr. Alan Pue has written this groundbreaking financial handbook for Christian school leaders. You will be challenged to examine you assumptions about Christian school finance, establish biblically sound financial principles, develop reliable streams of revenue-and much, much more! Are you concerned about the sustainability of your school? Dr. Pue's insight, warnings, and advice can help your school not only survive, but thrive.

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Rethinking Strategic Planning

for Christian Schools

Strategic Planning is an ongoing, intentional, focused process that drives you toward continued improvement. Alan Pue concentrates decades of teaching, leading, and consulting into a process plan for success.

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Rethinking Discipleship

Why Christian Schooling Matters

Whether you are a parent, educator or in children’s ministry, you have a tremendous opportunity to help the children in your life live their lives for Jesus. But with the towering influence of today’s culture, how can you make the most of the precious time you have to shape a child’s worldview for Jesus? How can you train up a child instead of putting them in a bubble?

In “Rethinking Discipleship,” Dr. Alan Pue explores the importance of shepherding a child’s heart by looking at the biblical principles that should drive behavior, values and beliefs. Plus, he details how a joint approach of home, church and school is foundational to Christ-centered education and weaving faith into every aspect of life.

You have an incredible mission. Now it is the time to seize it.

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